About Us

Fast Cars Inc

Senneker Performance the parent company of Fast Cars Inc. was founded by Terry Senneker Jr. in 2008.  Senneker Performance is your source for short track suspension parts, Racecars, and other high performance parts for all forms of short track racing.  We are a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the racing community. Senneker Performance acquired Fast Cars Inc. from the original founder Ted Lathrop in November of 2014.  Terry Senneker Jr’s father Terry Senneker Sr had worked for Fast Cars Inc as a subcontractor for over 5 years.

He participated in the fabrication of street rod projects and suspension components.  As a result of that relationship the transition from the Lathrop family to the Senneker family has been seamless. Fast Cars Inc has specialized in upgrades to British sports cars for the past 15 years.  We offer aftermarket frames and chassis, front and rear suspension kits, upgrades, accessories, Ford V8 headers, conversion kits, and more. We are continuously looking to expand our product lines for other makes and models so stay tuned for more information.