Independent Front Suspension Kit

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Independent Front Suspension Sub Frame Assembly: Feel the difference.

  • Professionally engineered racing type suspension for a substantial improvement in handling and an increased feel for the road
  • Designed to fit 1962-1980 MGB, MGB GT, and various Cobra Kit Cars
  • 80+lbs lighter than stock subframe with most savings being unsprung weight resulting in better handling and a smoother ride
  • Coil spring over shock allows for more suspension control combined with a softer spring for a smoother ride including an easy ride height adjustment
  • Wilwood high performance disc brakes for increased stopping control
  • 20:1 Stiletto Rack and pinion steering for a smooth controlled feel
  • Performance engineered caster, camber, ackerman, bump steer, and alignment
  • Easy and fast do it yourself installation
  • Comes in a Satin Black Standard or option of Custom Color
  • Nylatron GS suspension bushings for precision steering and long term durability
  • Standard track width options are 51″ or 53″ hub to hub
  • Accepts 15″ or larger wheels with Chevy 4-1/2” or Ford 4-3/4” bolt patterns, Different patterns are available

2 reviews for Independent Front Suspension Kit

  1. Devin Davis

    A very well engineered and beautifully built IFS. Worth every penny IMO.

  2. Keith Jensen

    I recently ordered a kit to install on my 1971 mgb. To remove the factory suspension and install the Fast Cars unit took less than an hour. Well built and thought out piece. I work at a Lexus dealership and showed the piece to all of our mechanics. All were very impressed with it. It took a little longer to get with some supplier delays, but well worth the wait!

    Keith J.
    Emmett, Idaho

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